We have a new year looking us right in the eye

By Alan S. Chartock | December 29, 2022

Now that the holidays are over, we have a new year looking us right in the eye. We know that there are some awful prospects on the horizon so now is the time for my predictions. As usual, some of these predictions are what I’d like to see happen, some are there to put the whammy on them so they won’t happen, and others actually will happen. It’s your job to decide which is which.

The health of our environment will continue on its downward trajectory. At the root of the decline is our carbon footprint which could be reversed if we decided that we really wanted positive change. That won’t happen because too many people like things just the way they are.

Donald Trump will face a criminal trial resulting in his conviction and sentencing. It will be clear from the public’s reaction that a lot of people want him to do real time and he will receive a sentence of three years behind bars. On the other hand, there will be a vocal outcry against Trump serving hard time. People will scream that such an outcome would be an affront to democracy. It will, of course, be called “political.”

Trump will argue that his conviction was a “fix” and an insult to the criminal justice system. A number of prominent Republicans will support him. One court will temporarily reverse the conviction. A Republican Supreme Court judge will pay a prominent role, arguing with success that our judicial system is a disgrace. It will get worse.

Trump will carry through on his promise to run for president again. He will obtain the Republican nomination with polls showing massive GOP voter support for his candidacy. Trump will face two candidates within the Republican Party for the nomination. It will turn out that Trump’s popularity within the Republican Party has considerably diminished. Trump’s real competition will come from Florida.

Trump will bemoan the fact that Georgia is what he calls “corrupt.” Georgia officials will brag that their state is exemplary and a leader in this country’s democratic pursuit of democratic ideals. This will create a tremendous outcry within that state and certainly will mean even closer elections in the Peach Tree state.

Joe Biden will run for president again and will win an overwhelming victory. He will play a prominent part in turning the United States into a Democratic stronghold, followed closely by Great Britain and France. The American Irish community (including a number of prominent Kennedys) will claim great credit for having produced Biden. Pete Buttigieg will be advanced as future potential candidate.

Gun toters will continue advancing their cause until America finds a new anti-gun hero who will create tremendous excitement internationally. The entertainment industry will create a clarion cry for gun control after a series of heinous murders finally wakes Americans up.

Women of the world will coalesce to write a Women’s Bill of Rights that will include clauses dealing with reproductive rights. That will incite negative reactions on the part of some evil men.

The right to cross borders will become a major uniting force for immigrants and former immigrants. Their efforts will be so forceful that they will garner unexpected support from politicians and citizens alike.

Terrible acts of violence will continue to occur. They will result in even more widely publicized shootings and mayhem, as well as copycat actions.

Our freedoms will once again be challenged as we witness the continued effort to ban books in this country. At one point in our history, we thought we had these fascistic people with their terrible ideas beaten. But no, librarians and book stores have all too often become the focus of people who think that they have the right to tell us what we can read and think. The time has come for us to demand the right to read and speak without anyone getting in the way.

Alan Chartock is professor emeritus at the State University of New York, publisher of the Legislative Gazette and president and CEO of the WAMC Northeast Public Radio Network. Readers can email him at [email protected].