By Tech:NYC | September 13, 2023

Tech:NYC’s Board expands to 60 members from companies of all sizes to help guide the next phase of tech’s growth in NYC  

Mayor Adams: “This expanded board represents a cross-section of this diverse and burgeoning industry.”

NEW YORK, NY — Today, Tech:NYC announced its Board will expand to 60 people, including many who founded startups in NYC, to help guide the organization and the broader tech community through a crucial next phase of growth.

Industry leaders already active on Tech:NYC’s Board and Leadership Council will transition to the new Board, along with 30 new members, including Scott Belsky (Chief Strategy Officer, Adobe), Jay Carney (Global Head of Policy & Communications, Airbnb), Lara Davis (Chief Strategy Officer, Yahoo), Darío Gil (Senior Vice President & Director of Research, IBM), Naomi Gleit (Head of Product, Meta), Eric Glyman (Co-founder & CEO, Ramp), Dustee Jenkins (Chief Public Affairs Officer, Spotify), Martin Mignot (Partner, Index Ventures), Raina Moskowitz (Chief Operating Officer, Etsy), Frank Reig (Co-founder & CEO, Revel), Kelly Sims (Partner, Thrive Capital), and Jarrid Tingle (Co-founder & Managing Partner, Harlem Capital).

Fred Wilson, Co-founder and Partner of Union Square Ventures, will remain Chairman of the Board, and Eli Polanco (Founder & CEO, Nivelo), Kevin Ryan (Founder & CEO, AlleyCorp), Julie Samuels (President & Executive Director, Tech:NYC), and Reshma Saujani (Founder, Moms First and Girls Who Code), will serve on the Board’s Executive Committee. Additionally, Jennifer Cruickshank, Director of Public Policy and Community Affairs at Amazon, will chair Tech:NYC’s Policy Committee.

“New York City’s vibrant tech landscape continues to power our city’s economic recovery, helping to foster a culture of innovation in both the public and private sectors,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “I have been proud to work hand-in-hand with leaders young and old, established and emerging, to expand opportunity, promote broad-based prosperity, and build out a pipeline to local talent. This expanded board represents a cross-section of this diverse and burgeoning industry. I wish them and Tech:NYC continued success, and I look forward to continuing our partnership to make New York City the most innovative city in the world.”

“The continued strength of the city’s tech sector presents an opportune moment to re-galvanize and reorganize our leadership with some of the most prominent members of New York’s tech ecosystem,” said Julie Samuels, President & Executive Director of Tech:NYC. “Bringing these new voices to our Board will better equip Tech:NYC to continue serving the tech community and New Yorkers at large, particularly as emerging technologies like AI continue to grow and become indispensable to the city’s economy.”

“When we launched Tech:NYC in 2016, our goal was to establish an effective and unified voice for New York’s growing tech industry that could communicate its impact and needs to policymakers, investors, and all New Yorkers,” said Fred Wilson, Chair, Tech:NYC Board of Directors. “Tech:NYC has played this role since its founding, and I am confident that the wealth of expertise on our new Board of Directors is well-equipped to continue advocating for the industry through future opportunities and challenges.”

Tech:NYC has grown from five to over 800 member companies since its founding seven years ago, allowing increased participation in policymaking, industry development, workforce development, and economic growth. By expanding the Board and integrating more homegrown companies, Tech:NYC will continue this important work at a time when all stakeholders must work together to ensure emerging tech such as AI is deployed safely, efficiently, and for the benefit of all New Yorkers.

The full Board list includes:

  • Tasso Argyros, Founder & CEO, ActionIQ

  • Donnel Baird, Founder & CEO, BlocPower

  • Caryn Seidman Becker, CEO & Chair, CLEAR

  • Scott Belsky, Chief Strategy Officer, Adobe

  • Aaron Block, Co-founder & Managing Partner, MetaProp

  • Matt Blumberg, Co-founder & CEO, Bolster

  • Neil Blumenthal, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker

  • Peter Boyce II, Founder & Managing Partner, Stellation Capital

  • Jay Carney, Global Head of Policy and Communications, Airbnb

  • Anthony Casalena, Founder & CEO, Squarespace

  • Jimmy Chen, Founder & CEO, Propel

  • Edward Chiu, Co-founder & CEO, Catalyst

  • Wole Coaxum, Founder & CEO, MoCaFi

  • Everett Cook, Co-founder & CEO, Rho

  • Lara Davis, Chief Strategy Officer, Yahoo

  • Brian Distelburger, Co-founder, Yext

  • Amanda Eilian, Co-founder & Partner, Able Partners

  • Irving Fain, Founder & CEO, Bowery Farming

  • William Floyd, Head of US State and Local Government Affairs & Public Policy, Google

  • Darío Gil, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, IBM

  • Naomi Gleit, Head of Product, Meta

  • Eric Glyman, Co-founder & CEO, Ramp

  • Michael Gordon, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, MongoDB

  • Matt Gorin, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Contour Venture Partners

  • Kendall Handler, Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, IAC

  • Matt Harrigan, Founding Partner & CEO, Company Ventures

  • Bruce Jackson, Associate General Counsel & Managing Director, Microsoft

  • Rachel Jarrett, Co-CEO, Zola

  • Dustee Jenkins, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Spotify

  • Harry Kargman, Founder & CEO, Kargo

  • Brett Keller, CEO, Priceline

  • Mary-Catherine Lader, Chief Operating Officer, Uniswap

  • Sam Li, Co-founder and CEO, Thoropass

  • Oliver Libby, Co-founder & Managing Partner, H/L Ventures

  • Susan Lyne, Co-founder & Managing Partner, BBG Ventures

  • Nihal Mehta, Co-founder and General Partner, Eniac Ventures

  • Josh Mendelsohn, Managing Partner, Hangar

  • Martin Mignot, Partner, Index Ventures

  • Raina Moskowitz, Chief Operating Officer, Etsy

  • Mark Murphy, President, Digital Currency Group

  • Charlie O’Donnell, Founder & General Partner, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

  • Brian O’Kelley, Co-founder & CEO, Scope3

  • Laura Peterson, Senior Managing Director, Accenture

  • Serkan Piantino, Head of Product, Reddit

  • Eli Polanco, Founder & CEO, Nivelo

  • Daniel Ramot, Co-founder & CEO, Via

  • Frank Reig, Co-founder & CEO, Revel

  • Zachariah Reitano, Co-founder & CEO, Ro

  • Kevin Ryan, Founder & CEO, AlleyCorp

  • Kate Ryder, Founder & CEO, Maven

  • Julie Samuels, President & Executive Director, Tech:NYC

  • Reshma Saujani, Founder & CEO, Moms First; Founder, Girls Who Code

  • Mario Schlosser, Co-founder & President of Technology, Oscar Health

  • Jordan Schneidman, Principal, Deloitte

  • Mike Seckler, CEO, Justworks

  • Kelly Sims, Partner, Thrive Capital

  • Stuart Sopp, Founder & CEO, Current

  • Carolyn Starrett, CEO, Flatiron Health

  • Jarrid Tingle, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Harlem Capital

  • Fred Wilson, Co-founder & Partner, Union Square Ventures

  • Carly Zakin, Co-founder & Co-CEO, theSkimm

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