Stefanik Statement on the Sexist Coverage from WCAX


Washington, D.C. – Today, the office of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released a statement on WCAX’s outrageous sexist news coverage questioning the ability of a pregnant woman and new mother to effectively serve in Congress:

The office of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is demanding a full public apology for the outrageously sexist local news piece aired by WCAX that includes two male commentators spewing sexist and woefully outdated assumptions questioning a pregnant and new mother’s ability to do her job effectively as an elected official.

The piece includes outrageously sexist comments such as:

“as someone who wants to be scarce after having a child and also in the short run up before”

“someone who is not up to full time engagement on the floor of the House or the office buildings and committee meetings do their job”

“While she’s not at full energy at her job”

“Her physical absence on Capitol Hill”

What an outrageous disgrace from two male commentators. This is sadly why more young women choose not to run for office.