Statement of the New York State Nurses Association on Governor Hochul’s Executive Budget

By NYSNA | January 19, 2022

New York – Governor Hochul’s Executive Budget recognizes the need to bolster the broader healthcare system and address the intense pressures of the COVID-19 crisis on the healthcare workers.

We are encouraged that the proposed budget includes substantial investments in efforts to expand the workforce and to recruit and retain nurses and other front-line workers.

NYSNA is still reviewing the specific budget legislation, but believes that the final enacted budget must effectively address the following priorities:

  • Implementation of minimum staffing standards for ICU/critical care settings and funding to allow hospitals to improve staffing and ensure safe patient care.
  • Funding for public health programs, hospitals, and other health care providers must be sufficient to provide equal access and quality care to all New Yorkers.
  • Additional funding is needed to provide healthcare for the more than 1 million New Yorkers who remain uninsured.
  • Repealing the Medicaid Global Cap: The current cap will negatively impact safety-net services for the most vulnerable populations and the viability of safety-net hospitals.
  • There must be sufficient permanent funding to support retention of nurses and other healthcare workers to meet the state’s 20% expansion target.
  • Proposed funding for retention bonuses to recognize the sacrifice of frontline workers should be made available to all workers, including nurses.
  • The budget should include funding for the state to immediately implement and effectively enforce health and safety standards that will protect nurses and other healthcare workers from exposure to COVID-19 and other airborne infectious diseases; current standards issued by the state DOH (Department of Health) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are not sufficient.


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