Statement From Senate Deputy Leader Gianaris On Senate Defeat Of Chief Judge Nomination

By Gianaris Press Office | February 15, 2023

ALBANY, N.Y – Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris issued this statement following the defeat of the nomination of Hector LaSalle for Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals.

“The failure of some in our state to respect the proper role and independence of this legislature has led to a crisis affecting all branches of government. It now falls to our Senate Majority to again be the adult in the room and move our state past this deadlock that would have otherwise dragged on for even more months while our top court is without a properly appointed Chief Judge and while we are in the midst of negotiating a state budget that must continue our economic recovery. It is the Senate’s Constitutional right to determine how it operates and to reject nominees that do not have the support of a Senate whose confirmation role is critical to the balance of powers. My colleagues and I voted against this nomination because we need a Chief Judge possessed of a diverse professional background and who represents a departure from the tenure of former Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, and this nominee was not that person . It is now time to find a new nominee who can get the required support to be confirmed.”

Video of Senate Deputy Leader Gianaris’ floor speech is available here.