Statement from Rich Azzopardi, Spokesman for the 56th Governor of the State of New York Andrew M. Cuomo

By Rich Azzopardi | September 23, 2021

On September 13, Rita Glavin, attorney for Governor Cuomo, submitted a response to the New York State Assembly regarding their ongoing review.

In that submission Ms. Glavin raised a number of issues the Assembly report needs to address, including:

1.) Reveal the fraud contained in the Attorney General’s report that claimed 11 violations of federal and state law — including identifying material omissions and errors throughout.

2.) Acknowledge that members, staff and family associated with the Legislature and the Attorney General’s Office received preferential COVID-19 testing and publicly identify them.

3.) Demand that the Chamber turn over the nursing home report prepared as a presentation to the Eastern District of New York, which is doing the official nursing home investigation, and release that report to the public.

4.) Acknowledge state employees’ ability to volunteer their time on outside activities — for example state employees who work in the Legislature routinely volunteer on political campaigns.