Rebuild New York Now Launches 2022 Campaign Urging State Leaders to Reverse Unprecedented Deterioration of State’s Local Infrastructure

By Rebuild New York Now | January 31, 2022

73% of Likely Voters Favor increasing funding for their local state roads and bridges

Albany, New York (January 31, 2022) – Supported by new, independent polling that shows 73% of New Yorkers support state spending on local infrastructure, Rebuild NY Now has launched its 2022 campaign. The 2022 campaign will include a six-figure, statewide advertising campaign and news conferences with elected officials across New York state to raise awareness about the needs to improve New York’s crumbling infrastructure.

The poll from Rebuild New York shows likely voters have overwhelming support for investing in local infrastructure:

  • 73% of likely voters favor increasing state funding for infrastructure such as local state roads and bridges
  • 66% of likely voters say New York State spends too little money on infrastructure such as roads and bridges
  • “Repairing infrastructure including local roads and bridges” ranks high for likely voters with creating jobs, after COVID recovery, crime reduction, and lowering taxes polling above

Rebuild NY plans to release new ads in the coming weeks that echoes these concerns about local infrastructure. The ads highlight how investing in local state road and bridge projects will help create and maintain jobs, lower costs to drivers and improve public safety in communities across New York State.

The New York State Department of Transportation’s own reports show an unprecedented decline in the condition of the roads they maintain, with nearly half of them having deteriorated to poor or fair condition.  We have the 11th highest percentage of deficient bridges in the nation.  Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill delivers $13.4 billion to repair New York roads and bridges—an increase of $4.6 billion or 52%.

“New Yorkers are fed up with traveling on bad roads. Governor Hochul and the Legislature have a once in a generation opportunity to bring our infrastructure to a state of good repair.  ” said Mike Elmendorf, President of Rebuild New York Now.  “We applaud Governor Hochul’s big infrastructure ideas, and we want to make sure New York use this historic increase in funding for road and bridge construction to make the necessary improvements to local roads and bridges and keep everyone safe, goods and commerce flowing and put New Yorkers back to work.”

A January report by TRIP, a national organization that researches transportation-related data, found that it costs New York drivers $28 billon each year to travel on roads that are deteriorated, congested, and lack basic safety features.

The TRIP Report also shows:

  • Congested roads cost New York drivers $15.4 billion each year in the form of lost time and wasted fuel.
  • In the most congested urban areas, drivers must spend up to $2,107 and as many as 92 hours per year sitting in congestion.
  • Ten percent of New York’s bridges are rated in poor/structurally deficient condition, the eleventh highest share in the nation.
  • The average New York driver spends $632 in vehicle repairs caused by driving on rough roads, for a total of $7.7 billion statewide.

While Governor Hochul’s budget proposal earmarks $1 billion to repair potholes, the New York State Department of Transportation will need additional spending in the state DOT capital plan to complete the necessary repairs and maintenance of state roads and bridges. Rebuild New York Now is calling for $2 billion per year over the next five years to be added to the state Department of Transportation capital budget to grow investment in core NYSDOT roads and bridges, which actually is smaller every year of the proposed NYSDOT than it is this year—despite the record increase in federal funding.

“This is more than just potholes. Deteriorating local infrastructure is crippling New York’s economy and making local roads and bridges hamper our economic and cost New Yorkers billions every year,” said Elmendorf. “When Albany invests in local roads and bridges, it saves New Yorkers money, keeps them safer and gets them back to work.”

To view the full independent poll results, click here:

About Rebuild NY Now

Rebuild NY Now is a partnership of supporters seeking to raise public awareness about the issues impacting New York State’s infrastructure. The coalition actively engages federal and state elected officials to support public policies that promote safe roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and other vital infrastructure.

As part of its effort to educate the public and our federal and state policy makers, Rebuild NY Now promotes relevant research, data points and news reports that highlight the need to rebuild New York State’s deteriorating infrastructure.

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