New York State Industries for the Disabled and Hill & Markes Expand Partnership, Easing Purchasing for Local Governments and Non-Profits, Boosting Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities and Helping Fight Climate Change

By New York State Industries for the Disabled and Hill & Markes | September 13, 2022

Wide Range of Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products and Services Available through Hill & Markes’ New State Contract

State and local government bodies, school districts and non-profit organizations now have a new tool that eases and streamlines their ability to purchase cleaning products and services while also creating new job opportunities for people with disabilities and helping combat climate change.

The new tool comes via an expanded partnership announced today between New York State Industries for the Disabled and supply distributor Hill & Markes. The partnership combines the benefits of the Preferred Source Program, which facilitates job opportunities for people with disabilities and is managed by NYSID, and Hill & Markes’ newly awarded status as New York State Environmentally Preferable vendor under what is commonly known as “the New York State contract.”

“This is a huge win across the board – for government agencies, non-profits, people with disabilities, the state as a whole, and the earth,” said NYSID President and CEO Maureen O’Brien.

In July 2021, NYSID and Hill & Markes created a strategic partnership based on a shared commitment to corporate social responsibility and making New York State a better place to live and work, and in doing so increased opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities and reduced the two organizations’ carbon footprints.

Hill & Markes was recently awarded the New York State Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies contract to provide cleaning and janitorial items, equipment and services to New York State agencies, local governments, public school and fire districts, libraries, and other nonpublic/nonprofit organizations. The supplies range from hand soaps, personal care products, PPE, waste receptacles, recycling/composting liners, matting, tissue products, floor scrubbers, and maintenance equipment.

Together, NYSID and Hill & Markes have created a new one-stop-shop website, Hill & Markes + NYSID, to allow local governments and not-for-profits to purchase environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and services through both NYSID and the Preferred Source Program, and Hill & Markes’ state contract.

Hill & Markes CEO Jason Packer said: “Our commitment to increase access to NYSID products, as well as our focus on providing individuals with disabilities employment remains a major part of our DEI focus.”

“Working with our incredible partners at Hill & Markes – and, of course, our 140 member agencies – we have increased our productivity and increased economic opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities all while decreasing our carbon footprint,” O’Brien said. “Now, we are moving forward with the ability to fulfill the needs of local governments and non-profits for environmentally sustainable cleaning supplies and services. It’s a win for customers and it’s a win by helping to continue creating new jobs for New Yorkers with disabilities.”

Kellie Roe, Executive Director at Second Chance Opportunities, said: “Sourcing quality products through the NYSID-Hill & Markes co-branded shopping platform helps support the core business of Second Chance Opportunities. We’re pleased with how easy it is to get what we need from this one-stop procurement resource, so that our focus is on providing exceptional custodial services and employment for individuals with disabilities.”

NYSID is a statewide non-profit that facilitates employment opportunities for nearly 5,000 New Yorkers with disabilities annually through New York’s Preferred Source Program and the private sector. The program was created in 1975 as part of the state’s plan to improve supports for people with disabilities in the wake of the Willowbrook scandal.

NYSID facilitates contracts between state and local governments and a network of non-profits for data imaging to secure document destruction to manufacturing to janitorial services. NYSID also contracts directly with private businesses who want to diversify their supply chain to help create more jobs for this able workforce.

Recently, organizations representing New Yorkers with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities, sent a letter to Gov. Kathy Hochul urging her to sign S.7578C/A.8549C, also known as the Preferred Source Modernization Bill, which unanimously passed the Senate and Assembly at the end of session and would make the first significant updates in New York’s Preferred Source Program since its inception.

Amsterdam, NY-based Hill & Markes, family-owned and founded in 1906, warehouses and delivers janitorial, industrial packaging, food service, ice cream and office supplies to large and small businesses in New York State north of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and western Vermont. It now has nearly 200 employees.

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Since 1906, Hill & Markes has been dedicated to providing solutions to businesses across New York State that help them save time, money, and improve health at their facilities. Their mission is more than moving product off a shelf, it’s a commitment to safety and well-being. Hill & Markes, a BradyIFS company, strongly believes in being a good corporate citizen and giving back to the community. Hill & Markes has everything you need for food service disposables, janitorial products, office supplies, safety supplies, and packing and shipping products. See more at

About New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc. (NYSID)

NYSID is a 501(c)(3) with the mission of “advancing employment and other opportunities for individuals with disabilities.” Established in 1975, NYSID facilitates employment opportunities for nearly 6,000 New Yorkers with disabilities annually through New York’s Preferred Source Program and in the private sector. NYSID’s community rehabilitation member agencies and corporate partners are located throughout the state, providing jobs in the community and in production facilities. For more information, visit