By Empire Report Staff

January 1, 2020

Dear Reader,

Thanks to our loyal readers 2019 was Empire Report’s best year EVER!.

Your support has fueled the Empire Report machine. For the past 1,305 consecutive days, we’ve updated the site, sending out more than 70,000 news stories and generating an astonishing 45 MILLION pageviews!

Empire Report’s daily email newsletter gets sent to more than 35,000 New Yorkers and has an average open rate of 24%.

The twitter feed https://twitter.com/EMPIREREPORTNY now has 18,000-plus followers. In 2019 alone, the Empire Report twitter feed generated over 13 MILLION impressions. Check out who is following – it is an impressive group of New York’s political influencers!

In the ever-changing media environment, one crucial metric is ENGAGEMENT. Our knowledgeable audience of elected officials, policymakers, operatives, media, business leaders, and informed New Yorkers is deeply engaged with the site. Most readers visit multiple times per day, and many spend a long period of time on the site.

Check out this comparison from simpleweb.com:

empirereportnewyork.com___ 23:54
newzjunky.com___________ 21:56
facebook.com_____________ 11:14
google.com______________ 10:38
reddit.com______________ 10:28
bloomberg.com___________ 9:48
timesunion.com___________ 7:31
amazon.com_____________ 7:27
linkedin.com_____________ 7:11
buffalonews.com__________ 7:08
nydailynews.com__________ 4:18
syracuse.com_____________ 3:13
wsj.com_________________ 2:58
nytimes.com______________ 2:57
buzzfeed.com_____________ 2:47

Empire Report has attracted dozens of blue-chip companies and organizations that regularly advertise on the news site and daily email newsletter. Our focus on customer service and providing unique digital solutions, and a consultative approach to leads to a huge value and IMPACT for your message.

Our competitive rates and focus on providing sponsors with detailed analytics set us apart.

Empire Report links to stories from New York’s top news sites. We encourage readers to support news organizations that you read the most through a direct paid subscription. As avid news consumers, it is our collective responsibility to support our favorite publications.

Empire Report is updated with dozens of breaking news stories multiple times each day. Check back frequently!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your loyal readership. There are dozens of options for how you consume news and we appreciate your continued enthusiasm.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2020—