Governor Kathy Hochul’s Campaign Releases New Digital Ad on Gun Safety

By Friends for Kathy Hochul Press | June 16, 2022

NEW YORK – Governor Kathy Hochul’s campaign today released a new digital ad, “NY Leads,” on the governor’s nation-leading action to keep guns off New York’s streets and save lives.

Governor Hochul has worked with the legislature to crack down on illegal guns, close loopholes, and provide law enforcement with more tools to keep New York’s communities safe.



News Reporters: Mass shooting… Gun violence continues. 

Governor Hochul: When it comes to keeping New Yorkers safe, waiting is not an option.

News Reporter: Hochul leading the way on gun control.

Governor Hochul: We took action to get assault weapons and illegal guns off our streets because New York doesn’t wait for anyone, we lead.