2021 Both Houses Bills, Passed Both Houses not Delivered From: 01/01/21 To: 09/09/21

By Empire Report Staff | September 9, 2021

Bill No.
A96A Gunther — Designates human organ delivery vehicles as authorized emergency vehicles
A118B Paulin — Relates to the definition of designated offender
A126A Gottfried — Relates to establishing a list of emerging contaminants
A228 Gottfried — Relates to source plasma donation centers
A229C Paulin — Provides no county shall supersede any state law which relates to the division of any county into districts for the purpose of apportionment
A259A Gottfried — Relates to accreditation, approval, and operation of midwifery birth centers
A268A Paulin — Relates to telecommunication companies blocking certain numbers
A297 Gottfried — Makes provisions regarding small claims jurisdiction where claimant is a tenant or lessee of real property owned by defendant that is situated within certain limits
A333 Rosenthal L — Creates the lymphedema and lymphatic diseases research grants program and creates the lymphatic disease research and education fund
A336A Braunstein — Relates to prescribing an opioid antagonist with a patient’s first opioid prescription each year
A359A Jacobson — Requires the workers’ compensation board to appoint the uninsured employers’ fund as the insurance carrier in cases when the identity of the responsible insurance carrier for the employer cannot be determined
A386 Jacobson — Relates to irregularities in a cover sheet accompanying an application for administrative review or full board review of a rebuttal to such applications, and provides for the correction of such irregularities
A430 Rosenthal L — Requires prior written notice upon hiring and once annually to all employees, informing them of the types of electronic monitoring which may occur
A453 Pheffer Amato — Relates to the filling of borrow pits in Jamaica Bay
A459 Gottfried — Relates to confidentiality of records in proceedings to vacate convictions for offenses resulting from sex trafficking, labor trafficking and compelling prostitution
A476 Rozic (MS) — Requires certain commissioners have certain education and training
A479 Rozic — Relates to including the promotion and expansion of cricket in the state of New York to the jurisdiction of the state athletic commission
A585A Paulin — Requires providers of voice service to implement the STIR/SHAKEN authentication framework in the internet protocol networks of voice service providers
A597 Woerner — Relates to license and permit applications
A735 Rosenthal D — Relates to a community gardens task force
A743A Wallace — Relates to certain contracts involving industrial painting and industrial coatings
A783 Cahill — Relates to the coverage of ostomy supplies in the child health plus program
A795 Wallace — Relates to fees charged by municipal industrial development agencies
A894C Zebrowski — Requires assessors using the comparable sales method for assessments to consider certain comparable properties in formulating the assessment
A898B Woerner — Relates to support orders for adult dependents
A924A Paulin — Amends the definition of “public body”
A993A Bronson — Relates to the authority to modernize educational facilities in the city of Rochester
A1005A Paulin — Relates to providing information about extreme risk protection orders upon release or discharge of patients
A1108A Paulin — Requires that minutes of meetings of a public body be posted on its website
A1140A Wallace — Relates to creating the women veterans advisory committee
A1153A Buttenschon — Establishes the office of the independent intellectual and developmental disability ombudsman program
A1228A Paulin — Relates to making certain documents available for open meetings
A1237 Paulin — Provides for the remote conduct of certain practices and procedures relating to board meetings
A1324A Magnarelli (MS) — Provides total disability benefits for volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers for injuries sustained on or after July 1, 2021
A1414A Lupardo — Relates to paid leave for members of the civil air patrol
A1442B Carroll — Enacts the metropolitan transportation authority open data act
A1456 Byrne (MS) — Designates the “Atomic Veterans Memorial Bridge”
A1523 Pretlow — Prohibits approved providers of child health insurance coverage from discriminating against health care providers not participating in the insurer’s network
A1863 Magnarelli — Relates to applications for licenses; repealer
A1953 Cruz — Provides for the autism detection, education and mapping program
A1960A Cruz — Relates to authorizing a tax check-off for gifts contributed to the state library aid program for financial support for public libraries
A2030 Rosenthal L — Relates to medication assisted treatment for substance use disorders
A2037 Dinowitz — Relates to the publication of nursing home ratings
A2111 Simon (MS) — Provides taxpayer gifts for gun violence research; establishes the gun violence research fund
A2113 Simon (MS) — Prohibits the making of decisions concerning guardianship, custody or visitation or adoption petitions solely on the basis of a parent’s, guardian’s or custodian’s blindness
A2140B Griffin — Directs the department of environmental conservation, with the assistance of other departments and agencies, to conduct a study on the health impacts of John F. Kennedy international airport and LaGuardia airport
A2199 Cruz — Relates to interest upon judgment
A2202 Barnwell — Relates to requiring contractors and subcontractors to disclose the existence of property and casualty insurance
A2203 Barrett — Relates to veterans’ services for post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury
A2206 Barrett — Establishes a task force to explore the effects of cyber-bullying in New York state and potential measures to address such effects
A2230A Reyes — Relates to enacting the “hate crimes analysis and review act”
A2330A Jacobson — Directs the public service commission to study the feasibility and the costs of burying all or most of the electrical, telephone and internet transmission lines in New York state
A2354 Dinowitz — Relates to the possession of opioid antagonists
A2388B Aubry — Establishes the “Dominic Murray sudden cardiac arrest prevention act”
A2396A Woerner (MS) — Relates to requirements for certain contracts for attachments to utility poles and the use of utility ducts, trenches and conduits
A2435 Niou — Relates to remedial program requirements
A2439 Aubry — Directs the president of the state civil service commission to publish reports annually relating to diversity within state government
A2505 Weinstein (MS) — Prohibits contracts for the purchase or lease of consumer goods from restricting venue in an action relating to such contract
A2530 Barron — Establishes a commission to study and develop a plan for improving education in state prisons
A2573A Fall — Removes the prohibition on individuals convicted of a felony that prevents them from being appointed fiduciary of an estate
A2591A Carroll — Relates to provisions in state procurement contracts involving the use of low embodied carbon concrete
A2633 Thiele — Enacts the “Peconic Bay region community housing act”
A2653 Lavine — Permits the court to grant post-conviction motions to vacate a judgment when the issue raised upon such motion is ineffective assistance of counsel
A2658 Sayegh — Relates to authorizing Westchester county to waive certain fees for veterans’ organizations
A2679 Cymbrowitz — Relates to directing the commissioner of housing and community renewal to promulgate rules and regulations regarding the use of electronic records and signatures for certain residential leases
A3034 McDonald — Relates to the taxable status date
A3130 Steck (MS) — Establishes the office of the advocate for people with disabilities
A3149 Hevesi — Provides factors and requirements to be considered and followed when a health care practitioner’s diagnosis differs from a treating health care practitioner as to an applicant’s disability
A3173 Cook (MS) — Requires persons offering weight loss services to provide notice of certain weight loss and dieting information
A3201B McDonald — Relates to the purposes and powers of New York state industrial development agencies
A3213A Rodriguez — Relates to the secure choice savings program
A3237A Hunter — Relates to the reporting of a veteran’s suicide
A3320A Epstein — Relates to stipulations in summary proceedings to recover possession of real property
A3331 Hevesi — Requires law enforcement and district attorneys offices to advise human trafficking victims of the availability of social and legal services
A3359 Paulin — Prohibits utility companies from harassing, oppressing or abusing any residential customer in connection with the handling of a complaint or unpaid balance
A3412A Solages — Relates to extortion or coercion related to immigration status
A3427 Rosenthal L — Prohibits telephone, cable and utility companies from charging a fee to customers who request copies of previous bill statements or statements verifying that they are a customer
A3489 Galef — Relates to a statewide residential revaluation exemption
A3516 McDonald — Requires insurers to provide insureds or subscribers with an explanation of pharmaceutical benefits relating to claims under certain accident and health insurance policies
A3523A Peoples-Stokes — Relates to the practice of applied behavior analysis
A3766 Dickens — Requires applicants for public assistance to be fully informed that they may be liable to reimburse the state for benefits received
A3876 Cusick — Establishes an electric vehicle charging commercial tariff
A3920 Dinowitz — Enables veterans and reservists to receive benefit information upon applying for or renewing a driver’s license
A3965 Abinanti — Provides that the department of taxation and finance shall withdraw from county records a tax lien for which the tax debt has been paid in full and satisfied
A3967 Pretlow — Requires a New York state legend on all bell jar tickets sold in New York state
A4010B Thiele — Requires the department of transportation to annually prepare and submit to the legislature certain highway pavement and bridge condition reports
A4044 Friend — Authorizes Tioga county to impose an additional surcharge to pay for the costs associated with updating the services needed to provide an enhanced 911 emergency telephone system
A4089 Thiele — Requires ferries to transport certain members of the United States armed forces free of charge
A4125 Abbate — Relates to suspension or demotion upon the abolition or reduction of positions for labor class and noncompetitive titles; repealer
A4186B Dinowitz — Provides an online absentee ballot tracking system
A4319 Dinowitz — Relates to the right of a defendant who has entered a plea of not guilty to an information which charges a misdemeanor to a jury trial
A4328A Englebright — Provides for the designation of geologically significant areas, territories and sites throughout the state, and for the establishment of a state geological trail
A4392 Abbate — Relates to accidental disability retirement for deputy sheriffs
A4474A Hunter — Relates to creating an action for the recovery of damages for personal injury caused by exposure to toxic burn pits while serving as a member of the armed forces
A4496 De La Rosa — Requires the release of individuals from utility corporation services in instances of domestic violence
A4522A Galef — Relates to the manufacture and sale of seasonal and decorative lighting products containing lead
A4572 Gottfried — Relates to the screening of newborns for certain diseases and conditions
A4587A Thiele — Excludes certain seasonal use tenancies from the provisions regulating deposits and advances for residential dwelling units
A4613 Lupardo — Creates a task force on improving urban and rural access to locally produced, healthy foods
A4637 Englebright — Limits the exceptions to certain effluent limitations in Nassau and Suffolk counties
A4662A Burdick — Relates to competency exams offered to qualified home care services workers residing outside this state
A4742B Woerner — Establishes the “New York State 250th Commemoration act”
A4877 Palmesano — Relates to legalizing, validating, ratifying and confirming certain transportation contracts of the Corning city school district
A4913A Zebrowski — Relates to including the name of the individual or business enterprise that has been awarded an identical or substantially similar procurement contract in certain notices of procurement contract opportunities
A5029A Paulin — Relates to prohibiting the use of certain grades of fuel oil
A5062 Kelles — Gives schools improved access to the statewide immunization database
A5082 Englebright — Prohibits hotels from making available to its hotel guests small plastic bottles containing hospitality personal care products
A5374 McMahon — Suspends state support for the local enforcement of past-due property taxes until after the end of the COVID-19 state disaster emergency
A5379 Hunter — Provides for a policy term of less than one year in certain situations
A5386A Lupardo — Establishes the soil health and climate resiliency act
A5401 McDonald — Relates to terminal rental adjustment clauses in motor vehicle leases
A5470 Englebright — Relates to access to certain records
A5527A Williams — Relates to approved courses of study or equivalent on-the-job experience for counselors
A5565 Jean-Pierre — Requires that certain boats shall be equipped with functioning marine carbon monoxide detectors
A5605 Epstein — Relates to local solid waste management plans
A5689 Cruz — Streamlines the assignment of appellate counsel for indigent criminal defendants
A5707 Joyner — Relates to bona fide work not being considered a parole violation
A5713 Fall — Directs the commissioner of health to conduct a study of the delivery of ambulatory care and other medical care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
A5765B Pretlow — Relates to health insurance for New York trainers at franchised corporation race tracks
A5795 Burdick — Authorizes the city of White Plains to impose a hotel tax
A5837B Jean-Pierre — Relates to requiring publishers to offer licenses for electronic books to libraries under reasonable terms
A5847 Woerner — Relates to antimicrobial resistance prevention and education
A5972 Bronson — Provides for alternative penalties for a first time violation of certain provisions of the alcoholic beverage control law; repealer
A6014A Magnarelli — Increases penalties for purposefully obstructed license plates
A6015 Dinowitz — Relates to impersonating another by using another’s electronic signature
A6077A Rajkumar — Relates to covered employment as a domestic worker for temporary disability benefits
A6166A Rosenthal L — Requires reporting of alcohol overdose data; and makes opioid overdose reporting requirements permanent
A6182 Gunther — Relates to adding certain wildlife management units to the yearling buck protection program
A6193 Gonzalez-Rojas — Requires utility corporations, municipalities, water-works corporations, and telephone service providers to allow customers to use their preferred name and pronouns
A6247A Peoples-Stokes — Relates to the assessment of the record of performance of mortgage bankers in helping to meet the credit needs of local communities
A6249A Buttenschon — Provides in-state tuition continuity for spouses and dependents of active duty service members
A6258A Magnarelli — Relates to building projects of the third phase of the Syracuse cooperative school reconstruction act
A6265 Frontus — Mandates NYS Transit Authority to produce annual reports concerning actions to reduce noise
A6289 Gunther — Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms the actions of the Monticello central school district regardless of the failure of such district to timely file final building cost reports
A6295A Lupardo — Establishes a commercial driver’s license (CDL) class A young adult training program
A6333 Englebright — Directs the department of environmental conservation to study alternative municipal uses for recycled glass
A6356B Griffin — Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms transportation contracts for the Baldwin Union Free school district
A6360B Griffin — Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms transportation contracts for the West Hempstead Union Free school district
A6392 Peoples-Stokes — Allows donate life registration on electronic applications administered by the office of temporary disability assistance, the higher education services corporation, and on mandatory electronic tax filings
A6426 Thiele — Authorizes the district superintendent of the Eastport-South Manor central school district to adjust certain improper apportionments of school tax levy
A6429B Hyndman — Requires hospitals distribute literature created by the commissioner to patients at a high risk of sickle cell disease
A6436 Paulin — Directs the commission to establish standards and safeguards for certain radio and phone providers to meet eligibility to provide lifeline services
A6481 McMahon — Authorizes political subdivisions to permit any public body to hold meetings remotely and without in-person access
A6489A Stirpe — Provides for a charge-back of refunds of taxes levied by a school district to municipal public libraries and special district public libraries
A6500 Abbate — Provides certain accidental disability retirement benefits for Nassau county fire marshals
A6522 Stern — Amends the definition of disguised gun to include certain guns that are designed and intended to appear to be a toy gun
A6528A Braunstein — Relates to advance enrollment of certain students
A6590B Kelles — Enacts the “Investing in Care Act”
A6767A Woerner — Allows claims for benefits for death or disability due to vascular rupture
A6769 Hyndman — Relates to the determination of youthful offender status
A6841 Otis — Extends the enforcement of the collection of delinquent real property taxes and the collection of taxes by banks and enforces the collection of taxes in certain villages
A6890 Thiele — Authorizes the formation of Community Choice Aggregation programs in the Long Island Power Authority service territory
A6896A Niou — Requires the collection of certain demographic information by certain state agencies, boards and commissions
A6968 Magnarelli — Authorizes certain military dependents to operate a motor vehicle or motorcycle in New York without being licensed in this state
A6970A Walker — Establishes an electronic absentee ballot application transmittal system
A7021 Jean-Pierre — Relates to state aid eligibility for library construction, and to streamline and modernize certain library aid formulas and program requirements
A7024 Woerner — Relates to coupled entries
A7088A Kelles — Establishes a conservation easement agreement exemption in the town of Danby in Tompkins county
A7123 Woerner — Relates to extending the provisions of the health savings account pilot program
A7192A Lupardo — Relates to operation of a three-wheeled vehicle
A7207A Jackson — Authorizes and directs the commissioner of agriculture and markets to conduct a study on urban agriculture
A7214A De La Rosa — Facilitates access to telephone providers to deliver fiber-based services
A7240 Gottfried — Relates to a review of Medicaid rates of reimbursement for ambulette transportation
A7272 Rosenthal L — Relates to certain procedures of mutual housing companies and limited-profit housing companies
A7280 Paulin — Clarifies qualifications for supplemental costs associated with an emergency rental assistance program
A7290 Englebright — Relates to bioheating fuel requirements
A7358A Abinanti — relates to the appointment of members to the developmental disabilities advisory council
A7366A Abbate — Defines the term “first responder in communications”
A7388B Barrett — Relates to the definition of Vietnam veteran
A7390 Williams — Includes certain for-profit entities in the definition of educational institution
A7403A Septimo — Requires the department of agriculture and markets to establish a database of New York state farms and farm products
A7464 Abbate — Relates to membership in the New York city teachers’ retirement system
A7472 Stern — Establishes a task force on veteran employment opportunities; and provides for the repeal of such provisions
A7491A Glick — Relates to SUNY admission requirements for graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs
A7500 McDonald — Relates to certain waivers of regulatory penalties for small businesses
A7506 Clark — Relates to securing grease traps and interceptors at food establishments
A7520A McDonald — Relates to a residential and mixed-use investment exemption program in certain cities and school districts
A7552 Paulin — Makes provisions permanent relating to the one-call notification system; repealer
A7564 Burke — Encourages the elimination of the use of certain single use plastic items at state university of New York and city university of New York campuses
A7576 Jean-Pierre — Relates to the issuance of diplomas to youth who are placed, committed, supervised, detained or confined in certain facilities
A7601 Darling — Relates to the execution of warrants in juvenile delinquency cases when family courts are closed
A7637 Cymbrowitz — Authorizes additional supervision and regulation of limited-profit housing companies
A7667 Glick — Requires owners to provide essential services and habitability for interim multiple dwelling units
A7697 Magnarelli — Repeals provisions of law in chapter 160 of the laws of 2013 relating to certain lands of the New York state canal corporation located in the city of Syracuse, county of Onondaga
A7708 Thiele — Authorizes the town of East Hampton, upon the dissolution of the East Hampton wastewater disposal district, to use remaining funds of the district to pay for town capital projects
A7713 Jackson — Relates to pleas of guilty and removal of adolescent offender proceedings to the family court
A7729 Peoples-Stokes — Relates to the definition of qualified agencies
A7731 Gunther — Relates to the provision of records upon the receipt of a complaint of an incident of abuse or neglect of an individual with a disability
A7734 Pheffer Amato — Creates a temporary “commission to prevent childhood drowning”; provides for repeal upon expiration
A7755A Pheffer Amato — Authorizes the retention of federal funds for special education programs for preschool children that are subject to tuition rate reconciliation
A7769 Weinstein — Provides that a foreign corporation’s application for authority to do business in this state constitutes consent to jurisdiction of the courts of this state
A7960A Burke — Relates to the applicability of the security guard act to facilities owned by a public sports venue
A8009 Rosenthal L — Makes vouchers available under the family homelessness and eviction protection supplement program in social services districts with a population of five million or more
A8012 Meeks — Relates to making appropriation to the children of the late David F Gantt, member of the assembly, the balance due of his unpaid annual compensation for a portion of the year 2020
S13A KAPLAN — Enacts the “Scott J. Beigel unfinished receiver act” in relation to unfinished frames or receivers
S14A HOYLMAN — Enacts the Jose Webster untraceable firearms act
S17A MAYER — Authorizes employees to petition an employer to apply to participate in a shared work program for purposes of avoiding a reduction in workforce or for purposes of re-hiring
S18A MAYER — Requires the department of labor to provide information to employers about shared work program eligibility and benefits
S30 KAPLAN — Authorizes the empire state development corporation to develop a public awareness campaign promoting personal protective clothing and equipment manufacturing businesses located in New York state
S33 KAPLAN — Relates to designating a small business liaison
S64 PERSAUD — Relates to establishing a statewide restaurant meals program as part of the supplemental nutrition assistance program
S113A KAPLAN — Directs the department of state to provide information to certain new businesses
S133B MAYER — Relates to establishing a set grace period for the use of credit card reward points
S153 THOMAS — Enacts the “consumer credit fairness act”
S155 GIANARIS — Authorizes the use of innovative techniques to enhance public participation in the rule making process
S191 SANDERS — Authorizes credit unions to participate in the excelsior linked deposit program
S255B MAYER — Requires payment of prevailing wage on public works projects for work involving the hauling and delivery of aggregate supply construction materials
S290 MYRIE — Exempts a debtor’s interest in his or her rent-stabilized lease from bankruptcy proceedings
S346 KAPLAN — Includes certain independent contractors in the state directory of new hires to aid in the administration of the child support enforcement program
S355 HOYLMAN — Prohibits the use of drilling fluids, brine and flowback water from wells, pools or fields on any highway
S391 KAMINSKY — Relates to requiring local building and planning regulations to accommodate the use of certain renewable and alternative energy sources
S396A OBERACKER — Relates to legalizing, validating, ratifying and confirming a transportation contract of the Oneonta city school district
S399A BIAGGI — Provides additional rights to pregnant inmates
S412A BIAGGI — Relates to gambling and the creation of a self-exclusion request for removal form
S415A BIAGGI — Relates to the adjudication of certain traffic infractions and notices of liability involving the use of photo monitoring devices; Pelham Manor; repealer
S531B KAPLAN — Directs the urban development corporation to conduct a study regarding the assistance needed to encourage women and minorities to pursue technology careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
S538B KAPLAN — Requires real estate brokers and salespersons to receive implicit bias training as part of their license renewal process
S598B MAY — Enacts the “reimagining long-term care task force” to create a task force to study the state of long-term care services in this state
S612B MAY — Relates to enacting the “long-term care ombudsman program reform act”
S646B SANDERS — Directs the New York state department of health to conduct a study on the incidences of asthma in cities and towns having a population of more than ninety thousand
S653A SANDERS — Relates to electronic delivery of property/casualty insurance notices
S661 SANDERS — Provides a claim-filing opportunity for the widows and dependents of workers who died as a result of cancer caused by exposure to diesel exhaust
S668 MAY — Relates to conciliation and non-compliance with public assistance employment; repealer
S671 SANDERS — Relates to modifying delinquent mortgage loans and single point of contact
S679A HARCKHAM — Establishes the council for treatment equity within the office of addiction services and supports
S737A BIAGGI — Requires debt collectors to inform debtors that written communications are available in large print format
S749 BIAGGI — Awards attorney fees and expert witness fees in appropriate cases
S760 BIAGGI — Relates to reverse cooperative apartment unit loans for persons seventy years of age or older
S763 GOUNARDES — Relates to veterans’ credits for civil service appointments and promotions
S784B GOUNARDES — Relates to certain vehicle equipment violations and fines
S841A BIAGGI — Reduces emissions of air pollutants from petroleum bulk storage facilities
S945B GAUGHRAN — Establishes the anti-discrimination in housing fund and allocates moneys from fines thereto
S946B GAUGHRAN — Relates to attorney’s fees
S979A GAUGHRAN — Requires real estate brokers to receive training in cultural competency
S1022A RAMOS — Relates to providing language access services
S1027A GIANARIS — Relates to the canvassing of absentee, military and special ballots and ballots cast in affidavit envelopes; repealer
S1035A ADDABBO — Prohibits general hospitals from disallowing individuals with disabilities from having an essential support person accompany them for the duration of their hospitalization
S1133 LIU — Relates to the definition of the term name for purposes of designating or nominating a candidate for public office or party position
S1144A BENJAMIN — Relates to revocation of community supervision
S1199 GIANARIS — Requires that at least one commissioner of the public service commission have experience in utility consumer advocacy
S1208A KAMINSKY — Authorizes the assessor of the town of Hempstead, county of Nassau, to accept from Mercy Medical Center an application for exemption from real property taxes
S1210 KAMINSKY — Relates to allowing for a program sponsor to amend a point system as part of a service award program
S1215 BENJAMIN — Relates to assisting contractors to identify minority group members and women for hiring opportunities
S1251 GIANARIS — Requires the division of criminal justice services to publish quarterly reports providing information related to firearms, rifles and shotguns used in the commission of crimes in the state of New York
S1311A GAUGHRAN — Requires the Long Island Power Authority to prepare a semi-annual expenditure and lobbying report
S1353A KAVANAGH — Relates to establishing an obligation to affirmatively further fair housing
S1372 BROOKS — Authorizes the county of Nassau to transfer ownership of certain parkland to the village of Freeport
S1383 BROOKS — Requires a homeowner be provided a cost estimate for installation of a fire sprinkler system
S1442B ADDABBO — Relates to the aftercare of retired race horses
S1451A RIVERA — Relates to requiring a health equity assessment to be filed with an application for construction or change to a hospital or health related service
S1509A MAY — Relates to the appointees to the interagency coordinating committee on rural public transportation, and transportation of eligible persons residing in a rural area
S1519 BAILEY — Relates to the use of oral medications by optometrists
S1544A KAMINSKY — Relates to requiring a compensation statement by certain public utility corporations and service providers
S1555A MYRIE — Relates to the confidentiality of registration records for victims of domestic violence
S1560 MAY — Incorporates identity theft into the definition of elder abuse for purposes of support services and programs for elder persons
S1566A SANDERS — Requires banks to provide written notification that accepting an alternative loan payment schedule may have a negative impact on credit scores
S1579A PARKER — Requires a plaintiff in a mortgage foreclosure action to maintain the subject property
S1630A SAVINO — Relates to third-party delivery services
S1633 SKOUFIS — Relates to remedies for violations of the New York state uniform fire prevention and building code act which threaten imminent physical harm to occupants of a property
S1765A MANNION — Relates to the closure of certain office of mental health, office for people with developmental disabilities or office of children and family services facilities and institutions
S1767 MANNION — Allows the village and town of Skaneateles in the county of Onondaga to regulate the construction and location of boathouses, moorings and docks
S1780C SKOUFIS — Relates to providing for electronic notarization
S1783A SKOUFIS — Directs the commissioner of health to establish and implement an infection inspection audit and checklist on nursing homes
S1784A SKOUFIS — Relates to requiring adult care facilities to include quality improvement committees and include a focus on infection control in such facilities’ quality assurance plans
S1788A SANDERS — Creates a veterans’ mental health and suicide prevention task force and providing for the repeal of such provisions upon expiration thereof
S1795 BAILEY — Relates to the establishment of a program for the use of medication assisted treatment for inmates
S1798 BORRELLO — Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms the actions of the Panama central school district regardless of the failure of such district to timely file final building cost reports
S1811 SKOUFIS — Relates to community preservation funds for the town of Blooming Grove
S1834A SKOUFIS — Prohibits retail dealers of second hand motor vehicles from selling a motor vehicle without a functioning inflatable restraint system
S1867 RITCHIE — Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms a transportation contract of the Fulton city school district
S1925 JACKSON — Relates to adding additional factors that should be considered when determining if a child safety zone should be considered hazardous
S2008B JACKSON — Requires specification between partial approval of medical claims and full denial of medical claims on written notices to an insurer
S2014 JACKSON — Relates to prohibiting legal fees to be charged by a lessor or agent thereof
S2122A RIVERA — Relates to standards and testing of potable water in school buildings
S2127 RIVERA — Relates to provisions of health care services under medicaid managed care programs by school-based health centers
S2131A SKOUFIS — Relates to requiring the secretary of state to promulgate regulations requiring real estate brokers to institute standardized operating procedures for the prerequisites prospective homebuyers shall meet
S2132B SKOUFIS — Increases required training for real estate brokers and real estate salespeople to prevent discrimination
S2133A SKOUFIS — Adds a surcharge to the fee paid for issuing or reissuing a real estate broker or salesmen license
S2157A THOMAS — Relates to associate real estate brokers serving as real estate office managers
S2193A KAVANAGH — Relates to establishing an affordable housing five-year capital plan
S2209 SEPULVEDA — Relates to annual reporting on substance use disorder in incarcerated individuals
S2211 SEPULVEDA — Relates to the prohibition of double-bunked housing in correctional facilities
S2523 RIVERA — Decriminalizes the possession and sale of hypodermic needles and syringes; repealer
S2585A BRISPORT — Requires OCFS to provide information relating to post adoption services on its website in certain languages for those with limited English proficiency
S2623 JACKSON — Relates to compelling family reasons and the continuance of unemployment benefits
S2630 SANDERS — Relates to certificates upon discharge
S2740B KAVANAGH — Establishes a demonstration program on interstate route 278 in Kings county to enforce vehicle weight restriction on such interstate by means of mobile or stationary weigh in motion systems; repealer
S2743 RAMOS — Authorizes the issuance of a temporary retail permit by the state liquor authority to licensees located in a municipality having a population of one million or more persons
S2755C RAMOS — Establishes the child poverty reduction advisory council to effectuate a reduction of child poverty in the state
S2767A KENNEDY — Establishes a private student loan refinance task force
S2801A BAILEY — Relates to work related labor protests not being considered a parole violation
S2802 BAILEY — Relates to workforce opportunity data transparency
S2819A ADDABBO — Prohibits the sale of whipped cream chargers to persons under the age of twenty-one
S2884A MAY — Relates to penalties for code violations
S2928A ADDABBO — Relates to paid family leave and siblings
S2929B PARKER — Relates to designating certain zip codes as cease and desist zones
S2977A HARCKHAM — Relates to certain questions regarding veterans on intake forms for admission and residency
S2981 PERSAUD — Creates a firearm violence research institute
S2986A BROUK — Expands the definition of the offense of coercion in the second degree to include the production or dissemination of nude images
S2987A PARKER — Declares racism a public health crisis and establishes a working group to promote racial equity throughout the state
S3070 SEPULVEDA — Directs the president of the state civil service commission to conduct a study on the current civil service examination process
S3100 KAPLAN — Relates to providing performance of duty disability retirement benefits for certain first responders in Nassau county
S3160A COMRIE — Requires the New York city transit authority advisory council to investigate, report and make recommendations on instructing the public on how to react when an individual falls onto authority facility tracks
S3266 COMRIE — Requires certain provisions be included in any procurement or agreement prior to disposing of any asset owned, leased or otherwise controlled on or in the immediate vicinity of the Lefferts Boulevard Bridge
S3280B COONEY — Relates to enacting the Rochester housing court act
S3372 BAILEY — Relates to affordable housing corporation grants
S3437C GAUGHRAN — Relates to establishing a hotline for housing discrimination complaints
S3467B MAYER — Relates to fees for gift cards
S3503C HINCHEY — Authorizes the office of fire prevention and control to establish the New York state rural ambulance services task force
S3521A PARKER — Relates to expanding customer access to community distributed generation
S3537 KENNEDY — Requires certain public transit authorities and their employees to submit all unresolvable contract negotiations to binding arbitration
S3541 STAVISKY — Relates to the requirements for a license as a professional engineer
S3543 STAVISKY — Requires certain professionals to provide and the state education department to collect information about the practice of their professions; repealer
S3566 BRESLIN — Relates to the purchase of prescription drugs
S3594 GALLIVAN — Grants retroactive membership in the New York state and local employees’ retirement system to Shawn Coveny
S3623 ORTT — Relates to providing that spouses who voluntarily separate from employment to accompany a spouse who is the subject of a military transfer shall be eligible for unemployment benefits
S3759 KAPLAN — Establishes a death benefit for deputy sheriffs employed by Nassau county
S3762 BRESLIN — Provides for pharmacy benefit management and the procurement of prescription drugs at a negotiated rate for dispensation; repealer
S3984 REICHLIN-MELNICK — Requires an electronic version of a town clerk’s sign-board on a town website
S4051A BAILEY — Relates to raising the lower age of juvenile delinquency jurisdiction from seven to twelve years of age and establishing differential response programs for children under the age of twelve
S4074 HINCHEY — Relates to the designation of the “Ulster county Korean war veterans’ memorial highway”
S4085A HINCHEY — Relates to the availability of air transport ambulance service providers to store and distribute human blood and blood products and to initiate and administer transfusions of the same
S4086 HINCHEY — Authorizes gifts, on personal income tax returns, for substance use disorder education and recovery
S4089 HINCHEY — Directs the commissioner of agriculture and markets to develop and conduct a public awareness campaign regarding Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases
S4095B SANDERS — Prohibits the sale and use of pavement products containing coal tar; prohibits the use of oil pavement products containing coal tar
S4111 BRESLIN — Relates to prescription drug formulary changes during a contract year
S4112 BRESLIN — Authorizes the superintendent of financial services to authorize the return of subscribing member operating reserve balances to members of a municipal insurance reciprocal
S4117 AKSHAR — Authorizes the village of Endicott to offer an optional twenty year retirement plan
S4233A GOUNARDES — Relates to disability retirement benefits for the presumption of Parkinson’s Disease for paid firefighters
S4237A STAVISKY — Prevents institutions from implementing contingencies on the receipt of state funding
S4248 SKOUFIS — Relates to requiring the best interest of a companion animal to be considered when awarding possession in a divorce
S4254 GIANARIS — Prohibits insurers from refusing to issue or renew, cancel, or charge or impose an increased premium for certain policies based solely on the breed of dog owned
S4306B GIANARIS — Relates to enacting the “Make Voting Easy Act” to require the board of elections to designate at least one early voting polling place for every thirty thousand registered voters in each county
S4308 GOUNARDES — Relates to deductions from benefits of certain retired members
S4323C COMRIE — Establishes a construction industry advisory council on public contracting reform
S4343 HINCHEY — Authorizes the county of Ulster to offer an optional twenty year retirement plan to certain deputy sheriffs employed by such county
S4350A GOUNARDES — Relates to establishing Angelina Liu as the genetic child and distributee of Wenjian Liu for purposes of the estates, powers and trusts law
S4377 MAY — Requires translations of a patient’s rights into the six most common non-English languages of New York State; and relates to the posting of information relating to the long-term care ombudsman program
S4379 HOYLMAN — Makes technical changes to provisions providing for certification for service as a retired judge of the court of appeals or a retired justice of the supreme court
S4394A RAMOS — Relates to retaliatory actions by employers
S4401 GALLIVAN — Authorizes Jason M. Schiedel to receive certain credit under section 384-d of the retirement and social security law
S4404 JORDAN — Authorizes the county of Columbia to offer an optional twenty year retirement plan to Theodore Blank, a deputy sheriff employed by such county
S4408 SKOUFIS — Relates to disability benefits for firefighters employed by the division of military and naval affairs
S4435B MAY — Requires members of a board of trustees of public, free association and Indian libraries to complete two hours of trustee education annually
S4440 GOUNARDES — Relates to providing death benefits for correction officers employed by Nassau county
S4441 GOUNARDES — Relates to death benefits for correction officers employed by Suffolk county
S4478A BROUK — Prohibits the use of pesticides at children’s overnight or summer day camps
S4484 GALLIVAN — Authorizes the county of Wyoming to impose a county recording tax on obligations secured by a mortgage on real property
S4485A HARCKHAM — Includes landlord training classes in the definitions of neighborhood preservation activities and housing preservation and community renewal activities
S4516C KAPLAN — Makes the falsification of COVID-19 vaccination records a crime
S4523 GOUNARDES — Establishes a twenty year retirement plan for members or officers of law enforcement
S4596 KAMINSKY — Requires compilation of additional data on pesticides
S4608A PALUMBO — Authorizes the town of Brookhaven, county of Suffolk to alienate and discontinue the use of certain parkland
S4613 MATTERA — Relates to the limitation on highway expenses in the town of Smithtown
S4615A KAPLAN — Prohibits the selling or displaying of symbols of hate by municipalities, fire districts, volunteer fire companies, police departments and school districts
S4630B KAMINSKY — Enacts the family and fire fighter protection act relating to the regulation of chemicals in upholstered furniture, mattresses and electronic enclosures
S4661 PARKER — Relates to the comprehensive school bus driver safety training program
S4716A HOYLMAN — Requires the office of information technology services to advise all state agencies in the implementation of language translation technology
S4730 KRUEGER — Relates to the liability of a person who presents false claims for money or property to the state or a local government
S4779 HINCHEY — Authorizes Edward Tercasio, Jr. to receive certain credit under section 384-d of the retirement and social security law
S4807A STAVISKY — Authorizes pharmacists to provide immunizations which are recommended by centers for disease control and prevention to patients eighteen years or older
S4817A KRUEGER — Prohibits the disclosure of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of contributors and the amounts contributed that are reported on financial disclosure reports of certain not-for-profit organizations
S4818A THOMAS — Relates to the Uniondale public library district and certain dates pertaining to the annual election process and certain rights of the board in such district
S4824A COMRIE — Provides for storm hardening and system resiliency plans, and requires utility companies to reimburse customers for certain widespread prolonged outages
S4827 SALAZAR — Directs the department of financial services to review covered benefits related to childbirth
S4859 SKOUFIS — Relates to establishing a twenty-five year retirement plan for firefighters employed by the division of military and naval affairs
S4884 SAVINO — Creates the state office of the utility consumer advocate
S4892A HINCHEY — Establishes the Nourish New York program
S4897 GOUNARDES — Relates to employees classified as the Triborough bridge and tunnel authority superior officers benevolent association of an MTA-employer and the resolution of disputes in the course of collective negotiation
S4943B BIAGGI — Requires the metropolitan transportation authority to develop a strategic action plan to improve bicycle and pedestrian access at its bridges and passenger stations
S4961B GOUNARDES — Relates to including certain employees who were employed in public service for eligibility for those who participated in the World Trade Center rescue, recovery or cleanup operations
S4963A REICHLIN-MELNICK — Relates to validating certain acts by the Pearl River union free school district in connection with final building cost reports required to be filed with the state education department
S4981 LANZA — Requires the port authority of New York to conduct a study on the alignment of the Outerbridge Crossing
S4998 MANNION — Relates to requiring the office for people with developmental disabilities to establish the care demonstration program
S5023A GIANARIS — Requires veterinarians to report suspected animal cruelty
S5064 RAMOS — Relates to the definition of the term employee for purposes of the human rights law; and repeals section 296-b of the executive law, relating to unlawful discriminatory practices relating to domestic workers
S5066A HARCKHAM — Relates to operating costs for substance abuse providers receiving federal aid
S5105C LIU — Relates to grounds where no landlord-tenant relationships exist in cooperative apartments
S5162A BRISPORT — Requires local social services districts to offer to pay childcare providers via a direct deposit for any subsidized child care funds owed
S5231 KAVANAGH — Provides for a study to examine the increasing costs of insurance premiums and the lack of availability of insurance coverage for affordable housing
S5247 BORRELLO — Extends the repeal date of the additional mortgage recording tax in Cattaraugus county
S5266 MAY — Allows for certain hunting or sale of fish and wildlife pursuant to Indian treaty rights
S5354 BRESLIN — Relates to rates for pilotage on the Hudson river
S5418C COONEY — Establishes the New York state aid and incentives for municipalities redesign task force
S5475 STAVISKY — Relates to five-year capital plans for the state university of New York and the city university of New York
S5527 BROOKS — Establishes the South Nassau water authority
S5543A BROOKS — Relates to military enhanced recognition, incentive and tribute scholarships
S5544 STEC — Authorizes Jaime Laczko to elect to participate in the optional 25 year retirement plan for forest rangers
S5560A REICHLIN-MELNICK — Provides for funding of early intervention services; repealer
S5666 STAVISKY — Relates to the maximum percentage of students that can be exempted from the admission requirements for graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs
S5691 GRIFFO — Authorizes David Goodman to apply for retroactive membership in the New York state and local employees’ retirement system
S5724A THOMAS — Relates to the rate of interest on money judgments in certain actions involving consumer debt
S5753A RYAN — Increases the percentage of total funds appropriated to a library system that may be used to support projects receiving state aid in excess of seventy-five percent
S5953A REICHLIN-MELNICK — Authorizes the town of Orangetown, county of Rockland to discontinue certain park lands
S5959 MAY — Makes mandatory quarterly meetings of the canal recreationway commission not subject to the call of the chairperson
S5985B PALUMBO — Authorizes the town of Southampton, county of Suffolk to alienate certain parcels of land used as parkland
S6015 GOUNARDES — Relates to the appointment and promotion of supervisors of the fire alarm dispatcher service
S6018B HARCKHAM — Extends certain provisions of chapter 63 of the laws of 2021 amending the environmental conservation law relating to supermarkets providing excess edible food to food relief organizations
S6042 HINCHEY — Relates to a tax credit and tax exemption for the rehabilitation of historic barns
S6044 HARCKHAM — Establishes an online directory for distributors of opioid antagonists
S6070A SANDERS — Directs the department of financial services to conduct a study on certain impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
S6105 RATH — Designates state route 77 between Pembroke Town Park and the intersection of Indian Falls Road in the town of Pembroke, county of Genesee, as the “SP4 C. Jay Hall Memorial Highway”
S6171B RYAN — Relates to funeral entities and the operation of any crematory or crematorium
S6188A BOYLE — Relates to legalizing, validating, ratifying and confirming a certain contract of the West Islip union free school district
S6194B BROUK — Relates to establishing a 9-8-8 suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline system
S6229A SANDERS — Authorizes the city of New York to alienate and discontinue the use of certain portions of parkland
S6256A HINCHEY — Relates to temporary manufacturing permits; repealer
S6276A MANNION — Requires the president of the civil service commission to conduct a study on the employment of persons and veterans with disabilities by the state
S6292 MANNION — Requires the office for people with developmental disabilities to submit a detailed report of proposed savings and investment initiatives within the executive budget
S6294A MANNION — Requires the developmental disabilities advisory council to evaluate the state’s response to the COVID-19 state disaster emergency for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities
S6321A GAUGHRAN — Requires charter buses to have commercial global positioning system technology
S6336 GALLIVAN — Grants Blake Russell additional service credit with the New York state and local police and fire retirement system
S6357 SAVINO — Establishes procedures regarding orders of post-termination visitation and/or contact between a child and such child’s parent
S6405 GOUNARDES — Relates to determination of salary base for members of the city of New York fire department pension fund
S6426A GAUGHRAN — Relates to the results of an annual stress test of all systems that support outage and restoration management and communications of the Long Island power authority
S6430 STEC — Extends from December 1, 2021 to December 1, 2024, the expiration of the authority of the county of Essex to impose an additional mortgage recording tax
S6465A MAY — Provides a credit for fees paid for the sale of alcoholic beverages at the 2020 New York state fair
S6498 BAILEY — Prohibits the use of certain restraints on children appearing before family court
S6516A MANNION — Creates the calculation by which to determine yearly tuition and regional rate reimbursement for approved school-age and preschool special education programs
S6532A KAMINSKY — Permits kelp cultivation in underwater lands at Gardiner’s and Peconic bays and commercial fishing licenses
S6546A GALLIVAN — Relates to designating a portion of the state highway system in Wyoming county as the “CPL Gerald B. Ramsey Memorial Highway”
S6547 GALLIVAN — Relates to designating a portion of the state highway system as the “Sgt. Daniel J. Murtha Memorial Bridge”
S6548 GALLIVAN — Relates to designating a portion of the state highway system as the “Staff Sergeant Peter J. Blidy Memorial Bridge”
S6569 MAYER — Relates to the minimum retirement allowance for members of the New York state teachers’ retirement system who retired prior to July 1, 1980
S6572 HINCHEY — Relates to providing feminine hygiene products at no cost to menstruating individuals receiving temporary housing assistance
S6575 SAVINO — Makes care and services provided by licensed mental health practitioners eligible for coverage under the Medicaid program
S6576 SAVINO — Makes care and services provided by licensed clinical social workers eligible for coverage under the Medicaid program
S6585 RATH — Grants retroactive tier IV membership in the New York state and local employees’ retirement system to Brian Zielinski
S6603 SKOUFIS — Protects access to pharmacy services
S6676A BROUK — Provides a tax exemption on real property owned by members of volunteer fire companies or voluntary ambulance services in a certain county
S6682 LIU — Appoints an impartial hearing officer during certain appeal procedures for children with handicapping conditions
S6697 RAMOS — Extends provisions relating to self-employment assistance programs and other matters
S6707 GAUGHRAN — Relates to the assessment of property owned by water-works corporations
S6710 GAUGHRAN — Relates to disability retirement benefits for sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, undersheriffs and correction officers in Nassau County
S6715 BRESLIN — Enacts the peer-to-peer car sharing program act
S6783 COONEY — Relates to mandatory continuing education for architects
S6796 BROOKS — Relates to death benefits for deputy sheriffs employed by Suffolk county
S6799 OBERACKER — Designates a portion of the state highway system as the “SP4 Richard F. Walton, Jr. Memorial Highway”
S6822 PALUMBO — Grants Kevin Moriarty Tier IV status in the New York state teachers’ retirement system
S6847 PALUMBO — Relates to the Peconic Bay region community preservation fund
S6890 MARTUCCI — Authorizes the conveyance of real property at the State University of New York College at Delhi
S6916A KAVANAGH — Relates to the date in calendar year 2022 when the local legislative body of a city having a population of one million or more may determine the continuation of the emergency
S6917 KAVANAGH — Increases the bonding authority of the New York City housing development corporation
S6972 GOUNARDES — Relates to certain lung disabilities incurred by members of the New York city transit authority in certain cases
S6976 GOUNARDES — Modifies the retirement program for Triborough bridge and tunnel members
S7009 SAVINO — Allows for the electronic submission of a notice that a member of a retirement system participated in World Trade Center rescue, recovery or cleanup operations for a qualifying period
S7010C KAMINSKY — Authorizes the establishment of aquatic invasive species inspection stations in Adirondack park to inspect motorized watercraft for the presence of organisms or organic material that may harbor invasive species
S7019 KRUEGER — Relates to the notification of certain state agencies of a data breach or network security breach
S7052 GOUNARDES — Enacts the comprehensive insurance disclosure act
S7053A KENNEDY — Relates to the suspension of a license to drive a motor vehicle or motorcycle
S7082 BRESLIN — Updates certain references with respect to the Troy Industrial Development Authority and makes technical changes
S7093 HOYLMAN — Relates to admissibility of an opposing party’s statement
S7117 HELMING — Relates to allocating certain tax revenues for the promotion of tourism and tourist attractions in Seneca county
S7128 BRISPORT — Relates to the composition and obligations of the child care availability taskforce and the focus of such taskforce
S7139 PALUMBO — Designates a portion of the state highway system as the Trooper Thomas J. Consorte Memorial Bridge
S7150 GIANARIS — Relates to redistricting of congressional, senate and assembly districts
S7167 KAPLAN — Provides a heart disease presumption for certain fire marshals in Nassau county
S7169 REICHLIN-MELNICK — Authorizes the town of Orangetown to offer a certain retirement option to Orangetown police officers Patrick J. Casey, Elizabeth M. Muckell and Keith E. Trojan
S7171 BRISPORT — Relates to juvenile delinquency charges of violations in the family court
S7177 KRUEGER — Eliminates certain provisions regarding the pre-audit of expenditures from the state insurance fund by the state comptroller
S7179 PERSAUD — Relates to the reentry of former foster care children into foster care
S7184 MAYER — Authorizes the city of New Rochelle, county of Westchester to alienate and discontinue the use of certain parklands, in furtherance of an economic development interest of the state and/or city of New Rochelle
S7185 MAY — Relates to the construction of modular and manufactured housing
S7191 RYAN — Relates to write-in ballots
S7209 KENNEDY — Grants a retroactive retirement date of August 5, 2010 from the New York state and local police and fire retirement system for Cariol Horne
S7228 BAILEY — Relates to a judicial diversion program for certain felony offenders