By Empire Report Staff

May 18, 2017

Dear Empire Report Readers,

One year ago we endeavored to create the most widely-read and influential news and politics site in New York, and we are close to achieving that goal.

Empire Report’s user statistics during year 1 were:

6,083,946 visits to the site

16,000 + tweets

6,000,000 + twitter impressions

Thousands of i-phone and android downloads

There are several quality political sites to choose from in New York, and @empirereport meteoric rise over the last twelve months has been astounding. IN April ’17, we had more than 900,000 site visits. According to similarweb.com, a free 3rd-party web traffic monitoring site, April 2017 looked like this:


Empire Report:            176,100

NY State of Politics:     36,500

City & State:             25,700



Empire Report:            19 minutes

City & State:             1 minute 17 seconds

NY State of Politics:     23 seconds



Empire Report:            3.54

City & State:             1.92

NY State of Politics:     1.16


If you are reading this, it means you have more than a passing interest in the site, and New York politics. We hope you enjoy our free news service as much as we enjoy putting it together every day.

Here is some more information you need to know:

Empire Report is updated frequently, all day, every day.

If you visit the site at different times during the day, you will see dozens of fresh stories posted each time you visit. Some of you visit the site once a day (when you receive the morning email). We encourage you to come back again for the latest in news, politics, and pop-culture.

If you’ve downloaded the free i-phone or android app make sure to check out the ‘SWITCH VIEW’ button on the bottom of the screen. It makes Empire Report really easy to read on your mobile device. If you go to the itunes store or google play, simply type in ‘Empire Report’ to download the free app to your mobile device.

We’re also on Twitter. We tweet every story posted at @empirereportny. Our twitter following has grown significantly!

Empire Report depends on news tips from in-the-know readers. If you see an interesting story about New York State or your fellow New Yorkers on facebook, twitter, or any news site, please send it over to [email protected]

Empire Report depends on advertisers to stay in business. Our rates are very attractive, and the audience demographic is unmatched in terms of income, education, and other metrics. Please consider a sponsorship for your business or advocacy campaign. You will not be disappointed.

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Why would you want an Empire Report bumper sticker you ask? We don’t have the answer but it will be a very limited run and only the high-powered Empire Report junkies will have them.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR READERSHIP. This is just the beginning.



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similarweb.com source data: